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Essential Guitar accessories for every Guitarist

Here I have listed must-have guitar accessories for every guitarist. For the best guitar gig, you need the best guitar accessories which will help you in any situation. Whether you are an Acoustic guitarist or an electric guitarist you need some life-saving guitar accessories for the gig.
Guitar Accessories:1. PlectrumPlectrums are good for vibrant and strong strummings. It helps you to play strumming guitar more easily and widely. It is always good to carry 2-3 plectrums with you for your gigs. Thick picks such as Jazz Picks are mostly get used in lead guitar solos whereas thin picks mostly get prepared for strumming the guitar. 2. Guitar Strapweather you are a live guitar performer or hobbies guitarist you must have one good quality Guitar strap. It helps you to play while you are in standing positions in live gig or performance. Guitar straps give more comfort and stability to perform live while you are standing and playing. 3. TunerNowadays you can get tuner apps in your smartphones …