Importance of Intervals in Music with chart

Here we are going to know about Music Intervals and how they are very useful to learn more advanced Guitar Music techniques. These Music Intervals are extremely important to know if you want to be an advanced Guitar player.

Music Intervals

What is Music Intervals?

Music Intervals are the distance between the notes or you can say the names of the positions where the notes are presents on a scale. Music Intervals make the Music complete and meaningful. You are using Music Intervals just the difference is you don't know what they called. You are using them unknowingly.

You can use these Intervals to create complex Chords and Chords Progressions without remembering them. For e.g. Jazz chords which are complex to understand and create. 

Music Intervals Chart:

Music Intervals

In the Music Intervals chart, you can see that every note's position has a different name or reference name which is known as Music Intervals. We are going to take the C Chromatic Scale for demonstration.

E.g. - C Chromatic Scale:

[C - C# - D - D# - E - F - F# - G - G# - A - A# - B - (C)]

[R - m2 - M2 - m3 - M3 - P4 - d5 - P5 - m6 - M6 - m7 - M7 - (P8)]

Here R defines as a Root note or P. Small m defines as a minor. Capital M defines as a Major. P defines as a Perfect note. Small d defines as a Diminished note.

Now let's see how we calculated the distance and what we call them.

C is a Root note also refers as (P1) or (R),
C to C# refers as a minor second (m2),
C to D refers as a Major second (M2),
C to D# refers as a minor third (m3),
C to E refers as a Major third (M3),
C to F refers as a Perfect fourth (P4),
C to F# refers as a diminished fifth (d5),
C to G refers as a Perfect fifth (P5),
C to G# refers as a minor sixth (m6),
C to A refers as a Major sixth (M6),
C to A# refers as a Minor seventh (m7),
C to B refers as a Major seventh (M7),
C to C refers to a Perfect octave (P8).

So this is how we refer the position or intervals in Music. You can take any Scale and apply this structure. This Music Intervals structure is applicable to all the Music Scales in Guitar. If you have any query then feel free to ask in the comment down below.


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