Essential Fundamentals of Music Theory

Hello friends, welcome to the Musicfret, here I am going to write about the essentials of Music Theory and its basic fundamentals. To understand complex techniques you should know the roots of Music first.

Music Theory

Why learn music theory?

Music theory can help you in a lot of ways such as a live show, jamming with friends, coordinating with other musicians from all over the world, and many more. By understanding the fundamentals of music theory you can form whatever chords you want. It is a way of communicating with global musicians.


  • Scales
  • Major Scales
  • Minor Scales
  • Harmonic Minor Scales
  • Melodic Minor Scales
  • Pentatonic Scales
  • Major Pentatonic Scales
  • Minor Pentatonic Scales
  • Blues Scales
  • Jazz Scales
  • Intervals
  • Modes
  • Arpeggios

The ultimate key to success is practice. Know the foundation of Music Theory then it won't bother you anymore. Maybe I will add more techniques along with PDFs in Guitar Music Theory in the future.


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