All Guitar Minor Chords with Chart

Get to know all the Minor Chords in Guitar with a Chart of all the notes present in that Minor Chord. You just need to know one single formula to build any Minor triad Chord you want instantly.

Minor Chords

What are Minor Chords?

Minor Chords always sound sad and melodic. Just like Major Chord we use only 3 notes to build any Minor triad Chord. In order to build a Minor Chord, we use a root note, minor 3rd, and perfect 5th note from the Minor Scale.

For E.g. - Let's see C Minor Chord -

C Minor Scale - [C - D - Eb - F - G - bA - bB - (C)]

Formula - [1st root note - minor 3rd - 5th perfect note]

C Minor Chord Notes - [C - Eb - G]

So this is how you can form any Minor Chord from any Minor Scale you want on guitar.

Guitar Minor Chords Chart:

Guitar ChordsRootMinor 3rdPerfect 5th
A Minor ChordACE
B Minor ChordBDF#
C Minor ChordCEbG
D Minor ChordDFA
E Minor ChordEGB
F Minor ChordFAbC
G Minor ChordGBbD

So these are the notes of all Guitar Minor Chords. Now you can also try to find #(sharp) or b(flat) Chords with this formula.


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