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Pentatonic Scales

Here we are going to know about Pentatonic Scales and types. Follow along and you will get to know how Pentatonic Scales form.

What is Pentatonic Scales?

Pentatonic Scales
As the name suggests Penta means five that's why it called Pentatonic Scales. It includes only 5 notes in a scale. There are five shapes in Pentatonic Scales which you have to learn for great soloing.

Where do these scales get to use?

These scales are mostly useful in soloing. You can create great solos, melodies, or lead. If you want to be a  Blues guitarist then Pentatonic Scales are very important and useful for you. These scales are also get used in Rock, Pop, R&B, and many other genres. There are two types of Pentatonic Scales which are given below.

Major Pentatonic Scales:

Major Pentatonic Scales
You can form any Major Pentatonic Scale just by using the Major Pentatonic Scale formula with the reference of Major Scale.

In Major Pentatonic you only need to remove the 4th and 7th-degree note and other notes remain the same as comparing to Major Scale.

Minor Pentatonic Scales:

Minor Pentatonic Scales
Just like Major Pentatonic Scales, you can also form any Minor Pentatonic Scale just by using formula. You can take a reference of either Major Scale or Minor scale.

If you are taking the reference of Major scale then you just need to remove the 2nd and 6th-degree note and make the flat 3rd and 7th note and that's it. You got your Minor Pentatonic Scale.

And, if you are taking the reference of Minor Scale then it becomes easier. Just remove 2nd and 6th-degree note and that's it you got your scale.

If you have any questions about Pentatonic Scales then let me know in the comments down below. I will try my best to solve your query.


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