Guitar Jazz Scales - Guitar Music Theory

Here you will find all the essential information about Guitar Jazz Scales. Every Jazz player should know the basics of Jazz Music Theory to understand and create complex Jazz Music.

What is Jazz Music Genre?

It is Music Genre which is originally based on Blues. It came into the picture in the late 19's century in the United States of America.

In Jazz Music, you will find complex chords and Scales. It sounds more like a Blues Music Genre. Gradually it gets popular and vast. Now there is many different Jazz Music such as Jipssy Jazz, Bluesy Jazz, Whisky Jazz, etc.

What are Guitar Jazz Scales?

Guitar Jazz Scales are similar to Melodic Minor Scales. You can use Blues scales as well. But You need to learn Melodic Minor Scales in order to play Jazz Music. We mostly use the Jazz Minor Scale to play any Jazzy Music. Only Minor Scales can produce Jazzy sounds.

So basically you have to learn Guitar Jazz Scales which are similar to the Melodic Minor Scales in order to understand and play Jazz Music.


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