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Understanding the use of Guitar Arpeggios

Get to know all about Guitar Arpeggios and how we can use them with Scales and Chords. By using Arpeggios you can create awesome melodies. If you are a fan of Guitar Riffs and Licks then you should know about Guitar Arpeggios.
What are Arpeggios?Arpeggios are the broken Chords in which we use particular notes of chords or octaves and play them in ascending or descending orders. When you play Chord then you use particular notes and play them together but here in Arpeggios, you play them individually one by one. Arpeggios on Guitar: The Guitarist often uses Arpeggios most to create different sounds and melody. Arpeggios get used in many genres such as Rock, Blues, and Fingerstyle Guitar. Guitarist uses Arpeggios in Guitar for Sweep Picking technique and neo-classical music.

In the fingerstyle technique, you may use more often Arpeggios for Guitar. You can create many patterns to play as an Arpeggios which you can repeat again and again to create the melodic Riff or a Melodic Music.

Understanding the importance of Jazz Scales

Get to know about all the Jazz Scales and the use of these Jazz Scales in Music. Every Jazz player should know the basics of Jazz Music Theory to understand and create complex Jazz Music.
What is Jazz Music Genre?It is Music Genre which is originally based on Blues. It came into the picture in the late 19's century in the United States of America.
In Jazz Music, you will find complex chords and Scales. It sounds more like a Blues Music Genre. Gradually it gets popular and vast. Now there is much different Jazz Music such as Jipssy Jazz, Bluesy Jazz, Whisky Jazz, etc.
What are Guitar Jazz Scales? Guitar Jazz Scales are similar to Melodic Minor Scales. You can use Blues scales as well. But You need to learn Melodic Minor Scales in order to play Jazz Music. We mostly use the Jazz Minor Scale to play any Jazzy Music. Only Minor Scales can produce Jazzy sounds.

So basically you have to learn Guitar Jazz Scales which are similar to the Melodic Minor Scales in order to understand and play Jaz…

All Pentatonic Scales with formula

Get to know about all the Pentatonic Scales and types. Pentatonic Scales on Guitar are the combinations of five notes with five different positions. Just by using simple formulas, you can form any Guitar Pentatonic Scales you want.
What is Pentatonic Scales?As the name suggests Penta means five that's why it called Pentatonic Scales. It includes only 5 notes in a scale. There are five shapes in Pentatonic Scales which you have to learn for great soloing. Where do these scales get to use? These scales are mostly useful in soloing. You can create great solos, melodies, or lead. If you want to be a Blues guitarist then Pentatonic Scales are very important and useful for you. These scales are also get used in Rock, Pop, R&B, and many other genres. There are two types of Pentatonic Scales which are given below.
1. Major Pentatonic Scales:You can form any Major Pentatonic Scale just by using the Major Pentatonic Scale formula with the reference of Major Scale.

In Major Pentatonic Scales…

All Guitar Blues Scales with formula

Get to know all the Blues Scales and the use of the Guitar Blues Scales. With just only one single formula you can form any key of Blues Scale you want.
What is the Blues Scales?Blues Scale is a combination of 6 notes. It uses the Pentatonic Scale with one extra Bluesy note. Blues uses in modern Music such as Blues, Rock, and Pop, etc. Blues are known for their note bending, vibratos, and hammer on's. Where do the Blues Scales get to use? As the name suggests this Blues Scales mostly use in the Blues genre. Mostly Blues Scales is used for guitar soloing. By using-Blues Scale, you can create great leads and melodies just like BB King and Robert Johnson.
Types of Blues Scales: There are two types of Blues Scales and those are Major Blues Scales and Minor Blues Scales. Both use a different formula to form. Both are based on the Major and Minor Pentatonic Scale respectively.
1. Major Blues Scales:Major Blues scales are the same as Major Pentatonic Scales, only the difference is it comes wit…