Essential Guitar accessories for every Guitarist

Here I have listed must-have guitar accessories for every guitarist. For the best guitar gig, you need the best guitar accessories which will help you in any situation. Whether you are an Acoustic guitarist or an electric guitarist you need some life-saving guitar accessories for the gig.
Guitar Accessories:1. PlectrumPlectrums are good for vibrant and strong strummings. It helps you to play strumming guitar more easily and widely. It is always good to carry 2-3 plectrums with you for your gigs. Thick picks such as Jazz Picks are mostly get used in lead guitar solos whereas thin picks mostly get prepared for strumming the guitar. 2. Guitar Strapweather you are a live guitar performer or hobbies guitarist you must have one good quality Guitar strap. It helps you to play while you are in standing positions in live gig or performance. Guitar straps give more comfort and stability to perform live while you are standing and playing. 3. TunerNowadays you can get tuner apps in your smartphones …

Importance of Modes in Music

Here we are going to know about the importance of Modes in Music and the relationship between Major Scales and Modes. Music Modes are very useful to create a melodic sound.
What is Music Modes?Modes are basically derived from the Diatonic Major Scales. There are 7 notes in Major Scale so there are 7 modes in every Major Scale. Modes are really useful for lead guitar soloing and for creating an awesome melody by using Modes. Modes of Music:Ionian ModeDorian ModePhrygian ModeLydian ModeMixolydian ModeAeolian ModeLocrian Mode For e.g. - For a better understanding, we are going to use the C Major Scale as an example. Here in the C Major Scale, we have 7 notes as well as 7 Modes.
C Major Scale - [ C, D , E , F , G , A, B ]
In this Scale, 1st note is C which is a Major note so we always called it C Major Ionian Mode.
2nd note is a D which is a Minor note so we always called it, D Minor Dorian Mode.
3rd note is an E which is a Minor note so we always called it E Minor Phrygian Mode.
4th note is an F…

Importance of Intervals in Music with chart

Here we are going to know about Music Intervals and how they are very useful to learn more advanced Guitar Music techniques. These Music Intervals are extremely important to know if you want to be an advanced Guitar player.
What is Music Intervals?Music Intervals are the distance between the notes or you can say the names of the positions where the notes are presents on a scale. Music Intervals make the Music complete and meaningful. You are using Music Intervals just the difference is you don't know what they called. You are using them unknowingly.
You can use these Intervals to create complex Chords and Chords Progressions without remembering them. For e.g. Jazz chords which are complex to understand and create.  Music Intervals Chart:

In the Music Intervals chart, you can see that every note's position has a different name or reference name which is known as Music Intervals. We are going to take the C Chromatic Scale for demonstration.

E.g. - C Chromatic Scale:

[C - C# - D - D# -…

Essential Fundamentals of Music Theory

Hello friends, welcome to the Musicfret, here I am going to write about the essentials of Music Theory and its basic fundamentals. To understand complex techniques you should know the roots of Music first.
Why learn music theory?Music theory can help you in a lot of ways such as a live show, jamming with friends, coordinating with other musicians from all over the world, and many more. By understanding the fundamentals of music theory you can form whatever chords you want. It is a way of communicating with global musicians.ContentScalesMajor ScalesMinor ScalesHarmonic Minor ScalesMelodic Minor ScalesPentatonic ScalesMajor Pentatonic ScalesMinor Pentatonic ScalesBlues ScalesJazz ScalesIntervalsModesArpeggiosThe ultimate key to success is practice. Know the foundation of Music Theory then it won't bother you anymore. Maybe I will add more techniques along with PDFs in Guitar Music Theory in the future.

All Guitar Minor Chords with Chart

Get to know all the Minor Chords in Guitar with a Chart of all the notes present in that Minor Chord. You just need to know one single formula to build any Minor triad Chord you want instantly.
What are Minor Chords?Minor Chords always sound sad and melodic. Just like Major Chord we use only 3 notes to build any Minor triad Chord. In order to build a Minor Chord, we use a root note, minor 3rd, and perfect 5th note from the Minor Scale.

For E.g. - Let's see C Minor Chord -

C Minor Scale - [C - D - Eb - F - G - bA - bB - (C)]

Formula - [1st root note - minor 3rd - 5th perfect note]

C Minor Chord Notes - [C - Eb - G]
So this is how you can form any Minor Chord from any Minor Scale you want on guitar. Guitar Minor Chords Chart:Guitar ChordsRootMinor 3rdPerfect 5thA Minor ChordACEB Minor ChordBDF#C Minor ChordCEbGD Minor ChordDFAE Minor ChordEGBF Minor ChordFAbCG Minor ChordGBbD
So these are the notes of all Guitar Minor Chords. Now you can also try to find #(sharp) or b(flat) Chords with t…

All Guitar Major Chords with Chart

Get to know all the Major Chords of Guitar with a chart of all the notes present in that Major Chord. With one single formula of building a Major Chord, you can form any Chord you want.
What are Major Chords?Major Chords uses only 3 notes of Major Scale. Those notes are root note, major 3rd note, and the perfect 5th note of any Major Scale you want. We also called it Major Triads. You can also include octaves of Chord.
For E.g. - Let's see C Major Chord -

C Major Scale - [C - D - E - F - G - A - B - (C)]

Formula - [1st root note - 3rd major note - 5th perfect note]

C Major Chord Notes - [C - E - G]
So this is how you can form any Major Chord from any Major Scale you want on guitar.
Guitar Major Chords Chart:Guitar ChordsRootMajor 3rdPerfect 5thA Major ChordAC#EB Major ChordBD#F#C Major ChordCEGD Major ChordDF#AE Major ChordEG#BF Major ChordFACG Major ChordGBD
So these are the notes of all Guitar major Chords. Now you can also try to find #(sharp) or b(flat) Chords with this formula.

List of all Guitar Chords and its types

There are so many Guitar Chords in Music. You can make any Chord you want by using the right knowledge of Music Theory and the concept of Chord building. Once you get the idea of Chord building then it will become easy for you to learn or create any Chord you want.
What are Guitar Chords?A combination of particular notes from the Scale plays together and produces a certain sound is called Guitar Chords. Just like the Scales, there are tons of Guitar Chords that you have to learn to master the Rhythm Guitar. Chords are mostly used for Rhythm or Strumming.
You can create beautiful Chord Progrations to play many songs. These Chords Progrations are nothing but the no of chords from one Scale which sounds awesome when you play together with Strumming Patterns. (E.g of Chord Progression: I - IV - V).
Types of Guitar Chords:Major ChordsMinor ChordsBare ChordsPower Chords7th ChordsMaj7 ChordsMin7 ChordsMin7b5 ChordsDiminished ChordsSuspended Chords These are the most widely used Chords in Guitar …